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Service Agreements:

Free DSL for High-Speed Internet Access
As a special service to clients who sign annual consulting agreements with Warp Networks, we provide FREE DSL for high-speed Internet access. We understand how critical it is to be connected to the world wide web in today's fast-paced business world. If you are already connected to the Internet through a dial-up service, you've likely faced problems with downloading files or being disconnected from your service provider with no apparent reason. With DSL, a "Digital Subscriber Line", these problems are things of the past.

How The Agreement Works
When you sign a service agreement with us, you pay an agreed monthly rate for a specific number of consulting hours each month. You may use any of our consulting services toward the monthly allotment of hours. If you need us to work for more than your agreement contracts for in any given month, you will be billed an additional fee for those extra hours.

Because no two companies are alike, we offer a number of different consulting package options. Each one comes with a specific number of consulting hours per month. The greater number of hours you contract for monthly, the lower the hourly rate for our services.

Your On-Line, Off-Site Support Team
In addition to receiving FREE DSL, when you sign a service contract, Warp Networks provides your company real-time, remote technical support through what is referred to as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Simply put, if your systems go down, while other service groups may need to drive to your offices to fix them, in most cases, we can have them up and running again without walking through your door. This saves both time and money. Plus, because we bill in 15 minute increments rather than the typical hourly increments, solving the problem remotely costs you less than you might otherwise expect from your current high-technology services team.

Expert Consulting Services
With an annual contract, you can use your contracted hours towards any of our Information Technology Consulting Services.

To request a Warp Networks Consulting/DSL Service Agreement quote, click here.


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